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Why does my business need social media marketing?


Social ‘Influence’ Marketing is Powerful.

Most people like to hear what their friends and acquaintances think about products, services, places to visit, eat or whatever they are talking about.


After all we are social creatures. When a friend recommends something most people are much more likely to try it. Some people are leaders, but many… some would say most... are followers. They want to know that someone else they trust has tried something first and found the service or product to be a good one.


And if they don't hear it from friends, for some types of interactions people need to get to know, like and trust you or your business first.


So, this is where social interactions, when done correctly, can break down those initial walls and get people to look forward to interactions with your company. Then, the viral component helps to move your message along as people talk to other people.




*** People referred from social media sites are 60% more likely to buy than those that come from regular websites!

Social Websites Are Where People Are Online Now.

People are spending a lot of time on Facebook and other social platforms and they expect you as a business to be there too. They are there because they want to be, and their friends and family are also there. While there, they are engaging others, sharing, learning… influencing others and being influenced themselves.


So, this is where as a business owner you too can connect with them… and engage with them so that they come to see your business as something more than they did before. Once engaged it is your opportunity to amplify that relationship and to turn that targeted prospect into a loyal customer.


How Important is Facebook to your Business?

Well, customers change their addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. But, they keep their Facebook profile.




Social Elements Improve your Search Engine Rankings

Has your search traffic dropped lately? That could be because search engines are rewarding “social elements” now. Not that many years ago before Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other new social media platforms emerged, the search engines delivered organic search results without regard to social considerations.


Organic rankings were based largely on your 'on page' factors as well as off page factors, such as how many links you had to a particular page on your site, from where those links came, plus the total number of links. Each link counted as a vote, with some votes much more valuable than others. This worked fairly well for delivering search results, but the ranking algorithms were fairly easy to manipulate, often not giving searchers the best search results.


As social media has evolved along with the “social proof” and the “referral’ element, the search engines have decided that this social “reputation” aspect is more to their preference in delivering the type of search results they were looking to offer searchers. Thus they have recently modified their algorithms to give more weight to various social factors.

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